Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bin weevils some secrets!

1. Make your weevil glow!
step 1: Go to Tink's tree
step 2: click on a white-red flower
step 3: let it squirt you
step 4: your weevil will glow in the colour your weevil's body is!

2. Did you konw that if you click some of your furniture items they will do an effect!

3. You can jump up really high by holding 1 on your keyboard for a long time.

4.The best way to win a weevil lottery is pick up a ticket each day and leave it how it is!

5.You can win a bronze trophy on track 1 for bin weevils by not jumping the ramps, not using the X button, trying not to get on the grass. But track 2 is really hard!

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