Saturday, 23 July 2011

I will update my nest!

I'm going to show you my new design tomorrow. Did you know I am winterveronica5? And i write this blog lol?

That's it for july!

I don't think there's anything else for july...maybe. see ya in august or i will update july?

The Famous weevils!

Current mulch: 822
Famous for: Nest, Account.
Often seen: Server: Mould. Place: Tink's tree
Would you like to be a famous weevil next week?email with your weevil information and picture, plus why would you like to be famous.

Good Luck!

I hope you win the weevil lottery! I will announce the winners here.
Monday 25 July winners- Not announced yet.

Mulch tips!

-Play as many games each day as possible! Did you know that if you play each day for Lab's lab the lessons get harder but mulch total goes higher?
-Do crosswords and wordsearches available at flem manor!
-Complete the hunts available in the bin!
- Harvest your plants that you have in your garden!
- Go to Gam's castle each day and as you enter the dungeons and mission 1 environment there will be sparkling circles on the ground which are...mulch!
- You can also do the tycoon stuff

Hunts July 2011

1. Think the honey monster posters are worthless? Try clicking them for 50 mulch! Plus, find a poster...and it will lead you to the next...
2. The Sky Kids Tv hunt bubbles are worth 850 mulch.
3. The Mr Poppers penguins bubbles are worth 50 mulch

Where to find fan posters July 2011!

1. Lego hero factory pod
2. Honey monsters HQ
3. Mr.poppers penguins place
4. Sky TV pods

Can you solve this?

Solve this for 75,000 mulch and a gold lab's lab trophy!

The word has 7 letters
Preceded god
Greater than god
More evil than the devil
All poor people have it
Wealthy people need it
If you eat it you will die!
What is the answer?

A little secret

If you go to Rigg's property shop there will be one room not only for tycoons-it is quite expensive- 8000 mulch...but it is worth having!

Bin weevils some secrets!

1. Make your weevil glow!
step 1: Go to Tink's tree
step 2: click on a white-red flower
step 3: let it squirt you
step 4: your weevil will glow in the colour your weevil's body is!

2. Did you konw that if you click some of your furniture items they will do an effect!

3. You can jump up really high by holding 1 on your keyboard for a long time.

4.The best way to win a weevil lottery is pick up a ticket each day and leave it how it is!

5.You can win a bronze trophy on track 1 for bin weevils by not jumping the ramps, not using the X button, trying not to get on the grass. But track 2 is really hard!

Find me contest!

Can you find me? Email me right answer to win 50,000 mulch!

Rock 'n' roll party!

The rock and roll party is here! From July 20-28! I am going to tell you about it.
1-trophies. To get an exclusive nest item, go to party box and click where i put a ring.
click first: green
click second: blue
click third: yellow
click fourth: black
click fifth: red

To get the bowling trophy you have to be tycoon. sigh.

Nest contest!

Now for the nest competition!

3rd Place: winterveronica5. Nest score: 38

2nd Place: adheeshsa. Nest score:132

1st place: binhanger. Nest score:896

Congratulations! I will try to make bin weevils get a trophy for you.
Which nest is your favourite?


Our Best garden competition:
3rd Place: winterveronica5

2nd Place: tobyfireball (garden above)

1st place:smudge4033

And, becasue so many entered, and all of you had amazing gardens, I have a runner up:
Runner up: Skot2627

I am going to tell bin weevils that you won and i'm gonna tell them to give you a trophy.
1: gold
Runner up:20,000 mulch

Loading Screen Change

Bin weevils has changed their loading screen! From those screens with advertisements to a bin pet!Comment and let me know what you think about it! Here's what I think! ''I don't really like the screen because it is boring and takes longer to load''.